The transportation and trucking industry is always changing. Our experts stay on top of the industry when it comes to insurance and regulations—like personal conveyance.

The trucking and transportation industry is always changing. It’s important to stay on top of regulations to ensure that your company is in compliance.

One of the most complicated regulations in the industry is personal conveyance. Personal conveyance is defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as the use of a commercial vehicle by a driver for personal purposes while they are off-duty.

Personal conveyance can complicate transportation and trucking insurance policies because motor carriers have the ability to establish limits on personal conveyance usage. Some examples of these types of limitations includes the following:

  • Implementing a ban on personal conveyance usage of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV)
  • Putting a limit on the distance that a CMV can be utilized for personal conveyance
  • Establishing a ban on personal conveyance usage of a CMV while that CMV is laden (carrying a load for commercial purposes)

Given the complicated nature of personal conveyance and insurance, we always recommend connecting with a transportation insurance expert to obtain the best possible insurance for your business.

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