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Meet Anthony Johnson

Bachelor’s degree from the University of Indianapolis, graduating in 2001

Tony Johnson was hired on with the Marvin Johnson family in May of 2001. He has been a licensed agent since February of 2002. He was a letterman with the Universtiy of Indianapolis mens football program, under coach Joe Polizzi. He is the grandson of Marvin Johnson, and the son of Stephen Johnson. Tony has grown up in the agency, and will continue the tradition of selling insurance with the Marvin Johnson family. He resides in Columbus, IN.

Anthony’s hometown is Columbus, Indiana and he chose to plant his roots here by building a career at MJAI and raising his family where he was raised. He enjoys spending his free time working out, watching movies, looking for fossils and rocks, coaching sports, volunteering, and playing with the latest tech gadgets. He greatly values the well-being of his family and employees. He also loves spending his vacation time in sunny Florida. Anthony advocates for adoption as he and his wife are both adopted, and he adopted his daughter, Ciera. He aims to raise his two sons to be respectful men and to raise families of their own someday. Anthony has been driven by the quote “being in charge, is having the illusion of choice”, which he interprets as understanding that all decisions should be made for the good of the company rather than himself.

Anthony views his call to a career at MJAI as a family calling. He is one of the many decedents of Marvin Johnson who chose to continue the family’s tradition and has succeeded at the company. He grew up being involved in the company and listening to his uncles and father talk about the Trucking Industry. He has worked at MJAI for about 20 years and values the positive code that he and the employees of MJAI live and work by. Anthony plans to continue the tradition of providing a good life for his employees and their families.