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Meet Riley Griesemer

Accounting Clerk


Bachelor of Science in Economics from University of Southern Indiana

Riley fell in love with Columbus, Indiana after visiting her father who lives in North Vernon. During her visits, she and her father often came to Columbus to go out to dinner (usually Taku Steakhouse). She was drawn to the walkable downtown area and made it a goal to find a job and move to Columbus. In her free time, Riley can usually be found at home with her husband and their two cats (Stella & Mr. Jim Business). On a weekend, she loves to cook and make fun espresso drinks to enjoy while working on crafts or gaming. Riley’s favorite video game is Overwatch (she is a Grandmaster 1 support player; the highest possible rank in the game!). Fun fact: Riley met her husband when they were matched for the same team in a game of Overwatch!

Riley values the drive that she has to stay consistent for her family (and also for her job) above all else. She believes that being consistent is required to be able to achieve any long-term goal in life. Riley also finds great value in volunteering. When fulfilling her position’s annual volunteer hours in 2023, Riley volunteered at the local Humane Society. The very next day, she went and adopted Mr. Jim Business (her 3-year-old cat). She is on her way to becoming a self-proclaimed cat lady– and is perfectly happy with that!

Due to her love of Columbus and the downtown atmosphere, Riley pursued a career at Marvin Johnson and Associates (which is right downtown and close to her favorite restaurant!). She landed the job and has been with the company since 2023. Riley appreciates having wonderful leadership and co-workers who make it easy to want to come to work every day and be a part of their team. Riley aims to become a staple in the accounting team for Marvin Johnson. She also hopes to continue learning the business and be able to help out with additional tasks for her team.