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Meet Adam Keen

Bachelors in Business Administration from Ball State University, class of 2008.

Adam started his journey to Trucking by working right after college with a small Progressive agency and quickly moved to State Farm where he stayed until 2013.  In 2013, Adam joined Marvin Johnson & Associates as a new producer with no trucking experience.  He quickly learned the industry and began writing owner operators and small fleets.  In 2017, Adam’s wife, Allie, had a tremendous job opportunity in Clearwater, FL so they packed up and moved south.  At the time, Marvin Johnson was not set up to have an agent outside of his territory so Adam began working for a trucking agency closer to home.  Once the pandemic hit, MJAI saw an opportunity for this arrangement to work.   Adam’s desire to get back “home” to MJAI and a willingness to travel led to him returning in 2022.

Adam wrote many mid-sized fleets before re-joining MJAI and found success in his ability to build true and long-term relationships with the people with whom he was partnered.  His passion for the industry and love for all things trucking is apparent the moment you meet him!  In his previous position, Adam earned Rookie of the Year in 2018 as well as “Super Salesperson” from 2018-2021 for earning at least $120,000 in new business revenue each year.

At home, Adam manages a boxing gym and is very passionate about teaching people the skills necessary to become a better boxer and person through fitness.  Adam went through his own fitness journey when he lost over 100 pounds and will gladly discuss ways for people to better themselves through exercise and eating habits.  Adam and Allie have 3 dogs, an old mutt named Molly and two very energetic huskies, Grouper and Tuna.  Adam and Allie have a great group of friends in both Clearwater and Columbus and on the weekends you can find them at one of the local Dog Bars or on their back porch enjoying the beautiful Florida weather.